Famous Five Christmas Countdown…

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I’m unnervingly on top of my Christmas shopping this year so I thought I would set myself a separate gift challenge. For the next week I will post one present suggestion every day for each member of the Famous Five, plus Aunt Fanny and (argh, difficult to buy for) Uncle Quentin. I’ve got no idea what to get them yet, so I now have a familiar and reassuring sense of Christmas anxiety.

First up – Timmy the Dog!

I’ve actually got two suggestions for Timmy:


1) Faux meat toy. I saw this on Norwich market when I was last there a few weeks ago. I took a picture of it as I thought it would be PERFECT for Timmy. Various baddies try to poison Timmy with dodgy meat throughout the series, much to George’s distress. This faux meat provides a handy distraction, plus hours of entertainment as it squeaks. A bargain at £3.


2) Sausage variety pack. In case Timmy is really peeved by the fake meat, some good butchers’ sausages will cheer him up and restore harmony in the Kirrin home. These are from The Ginger Pig in Victoria Park. I love the green wooden meat cleaver decoration.

My local butchers, Brian Roberts, on Roman Road, East London also does homemade sausages including their house special, the Bethnal Green Banger. As we know, the rest of the Five are partial to sausages (see my previous post on the topic here) so do make sure your meaty gift gets to its intended recipient.



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‘”Does anyone know what happened to the sausages that were in the larder?” [asked Mother]

“Sausages – sausages, let me think!” said Julian, frowning. Anne gave a sudden giggle. She knew quite well what had happened.

Well, Mother – you said we could get our own meal last night, as you were out,” said Julian. “So we poked about and decided on sausages.”

“Yes, but Julian, two whole packets of sausages!” said his mother. “I know Georgina came over to spend the evening – but even so…!”

“She brought Timmy,” said Anne. “He rather likes sausages too, Mother.”‘

This weekend I visited a friend in Tunbridge Wells and we were invited to a barbeque. As I accompanied Julie to ‘The Sausage Shop’ to get provisions, I couldn’t help but recall the opening scene of Five Have a Mystery to Solve. Poor old Mother! The Five eat her out of house and home during the school holidays and without Joan the Cook to provide a constant stream of buns, biscuits and cakes, sausage supplies get seriously depleted. I worry about the stock at their local butchers too – despite having polished off a substantial quantity of sausages, when Mother asks the children what they’d like for dinner you can guess the reply: “SAUSAGES!”. There would be no problem if the Sausage Shop was on their doorstep. It has ample supplies of delicious sausages including ‘Kentish Village’ (pork, sage, mace and nutmeg), ‘Firecracker’ (with green and red chillis), ‘Somerset Pork Apple and Cider’ (sic), and Pork and Stilton. Just don’t tell Curly and Benny…

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