Oh Golly!

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The ongoing controversy of the golly is discussed in this Radio 4 programme, Good Golly, Bad Golly’, broadcast today and available for seven days via the BBC iplayer. Henry Bonsu interviews golly enthusiasts; academic Carol Tulloch; writer Darryl Pinckney; Robert Opie, founder of the Museum of Brands; and John Carr of the Greater London Council, who campaigned to have the golly removed from Robertson’s jam jars in the early 1980s. As Bonsu shows, the golly is still both beloved and despised and has multiple, and often mixed, meanings for many people.


Midnight Feasts and Lashings of Ginger Beer

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As the queen and royal family of literary gluttony respectively, Enid Blyton, and the Famous Five in particular, get lots of coverage in this BBC Radio 4 programme Midnight Feasts and Lashings of Ginger Beer, broadcast on Tuesday 12 January and available until the 19 via the BBC iplayer.

In the words of author and contributor Michael Rosen, food is ‘the sex of children’s literature’ – the one unfettered desire that children’s authors can write about (in contrast to a writer like Ian Fleming who writes about sex and food with equal greed and sensory description). The concept of food as a substitute for love gets plenty of attention – one example being Martin in Five on Kirrin Island Again. When the children discover he has lost his mother they make sure he gets the nicest buns at teatime. Elsewhere in this book Blyton describes how Joanna the cook is the queen of comfort food: ‘That was always Joanna’s way! If she thought anyone was upset, she offered them her best and freshest food’.

There are endless other food-related quotes with which to illustrate this post so here is just one:

‘”If we go [to Kirrin Island] for a week or ten days, we must take plenty of stores,” said Julian. “The thing is – can we possibly find food enough for so long? Even if we entirely empty the larder I doubt if that would be enough for a week or so. We all seem such hungry people somehow.” Five Run Away Together, p.75.

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