Timmy the Dog

A very licky dog, apparently. Woof!

Timmy puts the five in the Famous Five. He belongs to George and the two are devoted to each other. He’s a mongrel of undetermined origin and has been interpreted differently by the various illustrators of the Famous Five series.

It’s largely thanks to Timmy that the children are given the freedom to roam the country despite being barely out of their tweens in the earlier stories. He can be terribly fierce and is able to sniff out a rogue at fifty paces. Grown men and women (and often hardened criminals to boot) turn to jelly at the sight of a growling Timothy. Like Castro, he has survived numerous attempts on his life.

Likes: George, bones, chasing rabbits, ice cream

Dislikes: Criminals, mangy little dogs (e.g Stinker of Five Run Away Together), poisoned meat, ginger beer (he’s the only one of the Five not to love the stuff).

Style? As a dog, Timmy is limited in terms of self-expression through fashion. However, Julian does buy him a rather sexy studded collar for Christmas in Five Go Adventuring Again.

Interesting fact: Timmy is currently a posterboy for ‘Plusbreeds‘, an organisation dedicated to celebrating dogs of mixed heritage.



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  1. Hi :)
    Does the dog Timmy die at any point in the books? My daughter loves the books and is curently reading the 11th in the series and I know she will be devastated if Timmy dies, so I’d like to be prepared. If he dies- in which book does it happen?

    Best regards,

    • Hi Anna,

      No fear – although Timmy has a few close calls (poisoning, choking on a ball), he always survives!

      Nathalie x

      • Wonderful! Thank you :)

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