Alpha male. Competitive dad and domestic tyrant in the making.

Well actually, that’s perhaps a bit unfair. Julian is also the oldest of the children and his journey to manhood can be followed throughout the course of the series. By the time of Five Go Off in a Caravan (the fifth adventure) his parents think he is mature enough to look after his brother, sister and cousin: ‘”You will be in complete charge, you understand, Julian.” said the boy’s father. “You are old enough now to be really responsible. The others must realise that you are in charge and they must do as you say.”

“Yes, sir,” said Julian feeling proud. “I’ll see to things all right.”‘

He consequently takes himself a bit too seriously, although by the later adventures he is able to relax a bit more; he even pokes fun at his own (hopefully by now reconsidered) sexist attitudes:

‘”Hey George! Anne! Sleepyheads! Get up and get us breakfast! What are girls for if not to get our meals?”

George sat up looking furious, as Julian intended. “You jolly well get your own m…” she began and then laughed as she saw Julian’s amused face.

“I was only just striking a little match to set you alight!” said Julian. “Come on – let’s all go for a swim in the pool!” (Five on a Secret Trail).

Julian is a reassuring presence. He looks out for the others, despite being sometimes scared, and he isn’t afraid to take on some of the nastier children and adults the Five encounter during the course of their adventures. He’s not above a little well targeted sarcasm or name-calling, although this is sometimes not as funny as he thinks it is (Five Run Away Together being a prime example).


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