Rainy Days

July 30, 2013 at 10:18 am | Posted in Fashion, Julian | 3 Comments
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raincoatOne of my favourite scenes from the Famous Five stories is perhaps not one of the most exciting moments, but is nevetheless highly evocative of the bracing pleasures of wet and windy mornings, such as today’s. It’s from Five on Kirrin Island Again when the children decide to go out for a clifftop walk in the rain. As they don mackintoshes and sou’-westers and head out into the elements, Julian comments that he really likes ‘the feel of the wind and rain buffeting against his face’.

I never knew what a sou’-wester was when I was a younger reader of the stories, but for those of you who might just be wondering, it’s a waterproof hat, generally in that glorious yellow that you associate with salty sea dog fishermen, with a wide and long section at the back to help protect the neck from the gales that come in from the prevailing south west winds. I don’t have a sou’-wester, as that’s going too far even for me, but I have recently procured the next best thing, a lovely yellow raincoat from Petit Bateau (they do stuff for grown ups as well as children). As well as being a bright and cheery colour on the outside, it’s also got a lovely warm blue and white stripey lining and capacious pockets for essentials (string, compass, Oyster card). Just the ticket as I brave the (typical day off work) weather and head out for a trip to the park.



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  1. Hello, I have been subscribed to your blog for a few months now and just wanted to say how much I enjoy your posts and love any photos you include ~ Hope you will continue to write about your excursions and connections to the Famous Five books. Thank you for sharing and certainly one of the most unique topics or themes for a blog I have come across.!

    • Thank you for such a lovely comment. I’m so pleased you’ve enjoyed following my blog so far (yes, it is a slightly quirky topic, I must confess!). I hope you’ll enjoy future posts too, and many thanks for the encouragement to continue writing it x

  2. I am quite fond of ‘quirky’ actually! I think it is important to let people know, who are blogging, that you appreciate and enjoy their efforts~ I think many people read blogs and enjoy them but do not think they need comment at all~ That can leave the impression that no one is reading or interested and sometimes really not the case! Your blog is a lovely respite from a lot of the less welcome aspects of so much of contemporary life, so do hope you will continue to feel motivated to write!

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