Spence Bakery Buns

March 29, 2013 at 2:05 pm | Posted in Cycling, Eating and Drinking | Leave a comment
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Spence bunsEvery Easter I endeavour to make hot cross buns (you can see some of my previous efforts here and here. Oh, and also here). This Good Friday has been a little too hectic for the soothing activity of kneading dough, piping crosses and enjoying the wafting scent of fruited buns baking in the oven. This is mostly because tomorrow I set off for France for 3 days of cycling around Calvados and Camembert country and a few last minute preparations have been necessary, including the purchase of an inflatable sleeping mat and the slightly failed attempt to make my sleeping bag roll up a little bit smaller than it wanted to (this has been taking longer than you might think). Yes, camping is on the cards…

Anyway, back to buns. Where I live I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by a number of makers and purveyors of fine hot cross buns. The E5 Bakehouse does an excellent one, as reported last year, but this year I have also discovered the joys of the soft, sticky and generously sized Spence Bakery bun. Mmmm. The buns are normally £1.30 each but during Easter week they’re on special offer and going for 2 for £2 or 6 for £5. My cousin and I ate ours toasted, with plenty of butter, for breakfast this morning. If you happen to live in London I suggest hot footing it over to Stoke Newington Church Street right away. Happy Easter everyone!


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