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There couldn’t be a better time to start cycling if you live in London. Yes, that pesky event called the Olympics means that cycling is now officially the best way to get to work (if, indeed, it wasn’t before). Everyone must be underground, off on holiday or at one of the Olympic venues because the centre of town and the roads leading in have been exceptionally quiet over the past few days. Obviously this depends on where you live but I for one will be making the most of it (random torrential rain storms aside).

The Transport for London cycling pages have some useful tips on routes etc, plus they are showing a cute little film in cinemas eulogising the freedom of the bicycle. But readers beware! It’s not all a utopian dream, as these transport posters from 1916 and 1933, respectively, suggest. So ride, but ride carefully…


Sorry the text of the one on the left is so small. It reads:

‘DON’T hold on to other vehicles when they are in motion or stationary, and especially don’t hold on to Motor-buses. You may meet with an accident.


DON’T cut in past vehicles on the near side, they may pull in and you will find yourself jammed.

DON’T try to ride in congested traffic when the speed is too slow to make keeping your balance easy’

The red text on the bottom of the right-hand poster says:

‘Read and obey the Highway Code. Observe the rules of the road’


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