Famous Five Foods

June 25, 2012 at 8:10 pm | Posted in Eating and Drinking, Learning Stuff | 1 Comment
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Apparently there are quite a few people out there who are interested in what the Kirrins eat. Food writer Josh Sutton has done an actual statistical analysis on the foods consumed in the Famous Five books which a) is very interesting b) makes me feel a lot less geeky for keeping a spreadsheet with a record of what gets eaten when and where. Sutton’s data is available in spreadsheet form but also in this fabulous visualisation (click on the picture to be take to an interactive version which you can explore in more detail).

Sutton has grouped the Five’s meals and snacks into food groups and has concluded that actually they eat rather healthily – there are plenty of radishes, crisp lettuces and plums in amongst the ginger beer, ices and buns.

As well as validating my decision to regularly eat like the Five, it’s also intriguing to see what foods crop up repeatedly and which only make a one-off appearance e.g. the chocolate mould which will be a one-off on my dining table too. Unbelievably, ginger biscuits only crop up once, as do egg sandwiches, but regular favourites include bread, ham, biscuits and tomatoes (lashings of).

Read Josh Sutton’s article on ‘Why the Famous Five had the Perfect Austerity Diet’ here


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  1. This is genius! I want to do one of these for my film star recipes. I think tripe, tapioca and tongue will feature quite heavily! Jx

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