Broads, Brasses and a Bicycle

May 24, 2012 at 8:09 pm | Posted in Cycling | 1 Comment
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Most excitingly (for me at least), I have next week off work and am embarking upon a brass rubbing cycle tour of Norfolk. Oh yes. The past fortnight has been a whirl of finalising routes, booking B&Bs and trying to source brass rubbing equipment. The latter has actually been quite difficult, even in London, as brass rubbing is less fashionable than it used to be. Who would have thought?

Day one is Norwich to Happisburgh via a selection of the Broads and Norfolk churches. Day Two will encompass brass rubbing at Felbrigg and a visit to the hall, finally ending up in a barn near Holt and a trip to the Wiveton Bell. Day Three is Holt via Blicking to Heydon, a very charming little village where parts of one of my favourite films, The Go-Between, was shot. Day Four I return to Norwich from the west via a cycle path along an old railway.

I think my holiday is going to be something along the lines of Coot Club-meets-the Kirrins-meets-John & Myfanwy Piper (hopefully not M R James though – I have been cautioned not to dig up an ancient treasure or blow any whistles I might find). This year it will be just me and Timmy although Dick and I had a warm-up cycle around the Chilterns last weekend (Note to Self: do not take Brompton off road via muddy bridleways and woods). I will be armed with a 1950s Shell Guide to Norfolk (which promises to tell me about EVERYTHING worth seeing), my OS map (no. 133 only) and of course my brass rubbing kit. Wish me luck!


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  1. Sounds jolly good!

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