An Expedition to a Mysterious Island…

March 31, 2012 at 10:11 pm | Posted in Cycle Rides, Cycling, Travel | 1 Comment
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… is looking unlikely to happen these Easter hols. Prof. Hayling and I have been idly planning a cycle trip out to Osea Island, Essex, inspired by the spooky goings on of The Woman in Black. We thought to meet at Witham train station and cycle across at low tide (even more so than its near neighbour Mersea Island, Osea gets cut off from the mainland by the sea), and perhaps have a picnic before heading back. However, it appears that Osea is as verboten as Whispering Island in Five Have a Mystery to Solve. It is privately owned and you cannot visit unless you are paying to stay in private accommodation on the island (see Osea’s FAQs). Bah.

So, what should we do? Sneak across in the spirit of Wilfred, Toby (Billycock Hill) and some of the other Blyton boys (and girls) who cock a snook at authority and the concept of property ownership? Or follow the righteous example set by the upright Julian and do our very best to keep out of trouble? I’m afraid to say it will no doubt be the latter and we’ll try to come up with an alternative Essex cycle ride. I’m currently thinking of a trip to Tiptree (I like the way that phrase rolls off the keyboard), or a circular ride around Dedham Vale and Constable country. Unless anyone else has some good Essex cycle ride recommendations (more or less equidistant between Norwich and London if possible please!)?


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  1. If you haven’t been to Dedham yet go to Manningtree and Mistley too – not sure what it would be like cycling as it is the road to Harwich. I have only walked it.

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