LA(nd) of Milk and Honey

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As we enter the coldest week of the winter so far (or at least that’s what it feels like), it seems a bit perverse to write a post on ice cream. However, I have been off doing something very un-Famous Five this past week, namely visiting LA, officially for work but very pleasant nonetheless. It was unseasonably hot there (in the upper 20s when I left on Sunday) and delicious ice cream did indeed get consumed (which is of course very Famous Five).

My hosts told me about Milk, a cafe and ice cream parlour located on Beverly Blvd which is sort of mid-city/West Hollywood, and as soon as the words ‘ice cream sandwich’ were uttered I knew I had to pay it a visit. All I can say is ‘mmmmmmmm’. We shared a variety of ice cream sandwiches between three of us – hyper fashionable salted caramel as well coffee and mint chocolate. The biscuits between which the ice cream is sandwiched were most delicious, sort of a cross between a biscuit (sorry, a cookie) and a French macaron. I’ve used one of Milk’s own photos to illustrate this post (I forgot to take a picture myself, fool that I am) and when it gets a bit warmer check out their website for more pictures of some of the delectable treats they conjure up.

Perhaps while I’m on the subject of ice cream I should also mention the apple pie and cheddar cheese ice cream sampled at a bar called the Tar Pit. Oh yes. They do excellent cocktails (I had a Campari based drink with a grapefruit foam) and wonderful snacks too. This slightly dark and blurry photo doesn’t really do the dish justice but hopefully conveys a hint of the wonder.


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