As sweet as…Sweet Williams

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The concept of seasonal eating is now wildly popular and my local Farmers’ Market is currently well-stocked with asparagus, bright red strawberries and other delights. English flowers should not be neglected from lists of seasonal pleasures either and these beautiful Sweet Williams rate highly on mine (yes, I do have actual lists, I’m that sort of person). I always look forward to their first appearance and find they are as redolent of late spring/early summer as English strawberries and a glass of Pimms.

Other pleasures that are not seasonally-tied include my current Famous Five, Five Have a Wonderful Time (should I mention I am reading a grown-up book too, the excellent Romantic Moderns, by Alexandra Harris?). Anyway, in FHAWT, the Five are staying in old gypsy caravans near Faynights Castle and having some trouble with the ‘fair folk’ who are not taking kindly to the children’s polite, middle class ways. Characters include a fire-eater, a bendy ‘India Rubber’ man and a chap with two large pythons, one of which will go on to place a crucial part in the rapidly unfolding mystery. And gypsy girl Jo has just made a surprise appearance. Hurrah!

There is some quality eating and drinking going on too, so more of this in due course. Meanwhile I am pleased to report that the simile ‘as blue as cornflowers’ has turned up (see two posts below). Double hurrah!

‘”There’s the sea! Oh what a dear little bay!” said Anne, in delight. “And isn’t it blue – as blue as cornflowers. We could almost bathe.”‘


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