To the Lighthouse

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‘It was very exciting making plans to go to the lighthouse. Tinker told them all about it, time and time again. “It’s very tall – and there’s an iron stairway – a spiral one, going from the bottom to the top. And at the top is a little room for the lamp that used to flash to warn ships away” [… …]

“I wish we could have gone to stay on my island,” said George. “But it really is too damp to camp out. Anyway, a lighthouse will be nice for a change!”‘ (Five Go to Demon’s Rocks)

The above text could only come from an Enid Blyton book really, couldn’t it? Although I try my best to embrace the Blytonian way of life, I sadly don’t own an island or have a friend with their own lighthouse. It’s just not fair. Well actually, I can’t grumble because this weekend I am returning to Peters Tower, scene of mine and Anne’s summer adventure.

I am taking great pleasure in anticipating and planning my trip, just like the Five before they set off for the lighthouse. Blyton devotes several pages to their preparations, and very useful these are too as reminders of some of the essentials for a stay in an unusual landmark. Ginger beer and playing cards are a given, of course, as are biscuits and bars of chocolate (suggested by George, who pictures them ‘marooned by fierce storms, waiting to be rescued from peril and starvation’). Sensible Julian thinks they’d “better take a few rugs and cushions […] and some warm cardigans and sweaters”, while Aunt Fanny goes so far as to suggest that Julian takes along his record-player. Books and newspapers are also on the Five’s list of things to take, and practical Julian even remembers to take a travel clock (although he soon regrets this decision).

There is a strong emphasis on entertainment for this holiday as Tinker warns the Five that getting trapped in the lighthouse due to bad weather is a fairly frequent occurrence. Little do the Kirrins expect to be deliberately locked in by yet more Bad Sorts, and forced to seek an escape via the tunnels and caves under the lighthouse. Like Anne (the ‘real’ fictional Anne rather than Amy this time) I intend to shy away from adventure on this occasion and just enjoy being in the tower with plenty of books, glorious views, and my modern day computer-cum-record player. And perhaps the odd bottle of ginger (or otherwise) beer.


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