Setting off on bicycles

August 24, 2009 at 9:03 am | Posted in Cycle Rides, Cycling, Eating and Drinking, Learning Stuff, Travel | 2 Comments

Setting off on Bicycles‘The four cousins and Timmy raced on towards the station. They cycled into the station yard just as the signal went up to show the train was due. The porter came towards them, his big round face red and smiling.

“I sent your luggage off for you,’ he said. ‘Not much between you, I must say – just one small trunk!”‘ (Five Go Down to the Sea)

I am packed and ready to go! I’m not quite as efficient as the Five but have tried to keep my essential items to a minimum. Aside from clothes and toiletries, I have the all important tomato sandwiches wrapped up in greaseproof paper (bread courtesy of my housemate Olga and the Euphorium Bakery on Upper Street), a hard-boiled egg with a paper of salt, and a slice/slab/wedge of homemade seedcake. These will all help me to ‘avoid a touch of the bonk’ (see Cyclists Special post below for an explanation of this bizarre phrase). For reading pleasure, I have James Lees-Milne’s Some Country Houses and Their Owners. This is the story of his visits to owners of country houses all over Britain during the 1930s and 40s in an attempt to persuade them to give their estates to the National Trust. As we will be staying within easy reach of a number of Trust properties this should be quite topical. I’m also taking along my lightweight National Trust binoculars, my not so lightweight camera, and Pepys’ 1950s Famous Five card game. This way, if adventure is not forthcoming we can experience it vicariously.



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  1. Make sure you don’t give those boiled eggs to Timmy, have a sugar cube at the ready for emergencies…and no exploring caves at high tide.

    Love your site – have linked to it on mine x

  2. Thanks Gypsy Rose! I have a plastic Timmy strapped to my basket so luckily he isn’t too demanding (more ice cream for me!). Thanks for link, love your site too. Haven’t put up a ‘blogs I like’ link yet but will add yours as soon as I do x

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