Savoy Cafe – Hackney

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Admittedly, this is more Five Find-Outers than Famous Five…

copyright: Emily Webber

copyright: Emily Webber

The Savoy Cafe is situated on Graham Road near Hackney Central. It’s a classic 1930s East End cafe that retains its beautiful modernist interior although, as the cafe closed in 1997, it’s now looking slightly worse for wear. The 20th Century Society and Hackney Museum are keen for the building to be suitably preserved and July/August have seen a series of regular Saturday events organised by Rosie Cooper. Tonight’s entertainment was International Everything ‘a series of short talks by non-specialist enthusiasts’ and we were treated to mugs of tea (free), fairy buns (£1.50) and three talks on an esoteric range of subjects: the Duchess of Devonshire’s 1897 ball, the Mardi Gras Indians of New Orleans, and a planned c.33 hour film mediating on the similarities of between being passionately in love and nuclear holocaust (yes, quite).

The talks were all intriguing but AK and I were also quite taken by the utterly fantastical idea of re-opening the cafe and treating the denizens of Hackney to retro treats such as those enjoyed by Fatty et al in the milk bars and cafes of Peterswood… Seriously though, someone should do something with this remarkable venue. It’s still owned by the family who grew up there in the 1950s so perhaps some kind of arrangement could be made…


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