Secret Trail Salad

July 28, 2009 at 9:31 pm | Posted in Eating and Drinking, Timmy | 1 Comment

So, Timmy is currently leading the way in the poll (see below). His fans at Plusbreeds must be very proud.

The story of Five on a Secret Trail is set in motion by our favourite canine, or rather by George’s concern for him. Timmy injures his ear and is forced to wear a cardboard ruff that causes not only local children, Joan the cook and the milkman to laugh at him, but also (heavens above) Uncle Quentin too!

Timmy's collar

Poor George cannot bear for Timmy to be an object of mirth so they decamp to, or rather go to camp on, the common behind Kirrin Cottage. Anne joins her, and then a day or so later the reunion is completed with the arrival of Julian and Dick, who have been camping in France (where they have not gotten on well with the heat and French food: “I came out in spots [said Dick] and Julian was sick”. Oh dear).

Needless to say, mysterious happenings are afoot, with strange lights and noises at night, and a boy archaeologist who behaves most strangely. All comes right in the end of course, the crooks are foiled and the Five celebrate (as always) with a feast courtesy of Joan the cook.

‘”Home-made veal-and-ham-pie!” Stuffed tomatoes! And what a salad – what’s in it Joan? Radishes, cucumber, carrot, beetroot, hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, peas – Joan, you’re a marvel!”‘

How endearing that children can get so excited about a salad. It does actually sound quite nice though, so here is my attempt at Joan’s Secret Trail salad, composed of ingredients from Broadway Market and my local Turkish shop, the lovely Erciyes on Well Street, Hackney.

The salad is slightly kitsch, and I couldn’t resist the flourish of a couple of walnuts on the top.

Secret Trail salad


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