Five Have a Wonderful…Staycation

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Urgh! A truly horrible new word has entered the general lexicon: ‘staycation’. Today’s Guardian features an article on this. Despite the awful wordage (‘home-aday’ is almost as bad though…) it’s very good news given the given state of the economy, worry over carbon footprints etc etc.

Although you wouldn’t guess it from this week’s weather, the recent seasonal sunshine and the terrible state of the pound against the Euro have encouraged more people to visit UK seaside resorts. The happy result of this is that local economies have benefited: of the 10 places in the country that have seen a drop in the number of people claiming benefits, 8 have been in traditional seaside resorts. The Five aren’t really that into seaside resorts. When station porter John Polpenny warns them that the Cornish village of Tremannon is ‘wild and lonely’ with ‘no pier, no ice cream sellers, no concert parties, no cinema, no…’, Julian responds ‘good […] we can do without all of those’ (Five Go Down to the Sea). Whether the Five can really do without ice-cream sellers is open for debate but Morecambe in Lancashire, which is also discussed in the Guardian article, certainly sounds like a lovely place and the type of location that Julian, Dick and Anne’s parents would possibly taken them on a family holiday (if they weren’t always sending the children off to roam free around the British countryside of course). Morecambe has experienced something of a revival in the past decade, and boasts views across the bay to the Lake District; the Art Deco Midland Hotel; and the presence of Sunset Ices, Kate Drummond’s 1950s-style ice cream van that ‘evokes a simpler age of long summer days, bringing back a sense of uplifting fun and the frivolity of traditional British seaside holidays’. How wizard!Kate Drummond Sundae VanMidland Hotel 2


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