Lashings of ginger beer…

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I’m currently reading Five Run Away Together (courtesy of the lovely Julie, thank you Ms G), a book that contains a fair amount of ginger beer consumption. According to Blyton expert Norman Wright, the phrase ‘lashings of ginger beer’ never actually appears in any of the Famous Five books (although ‘lashings’ of hard-boiled eggs and ‘lashings’ of treacle are enjoyed in Five Go Down the Sea and Five Have a Mystery to Solve, respectively). Unofficially though, lashings of GB certainly get consumed in outing number three.

When the nasty Stick family take over Kirrin Cottage, the cousins run away to Kirrin Island. Before setting off, they raid the larder and come across the Sticks’ own personal stash of GB. ‘”All bought out of my mother’s money!” said George. “Well, we’ll take the ginger beer too. It will be nice to drink it on a hot day””. The GB makes an appearance at most meals, even breakfast. As Julian remarks, “ginger beer is a gorgeous drink – it seems to go with simply everything”.

Spurred on by the current glorious summer weather, I’m attempting to make my own ginger beer. I got a bit carried away, assuming I would need lots of fresh ginger, but apparently a little goes a long way. It has now been grated and added to hot water with lemon, sugar, yeast and cream of tartar. Now it needs to sit around for 24 hours while the yeast gets to work…

Lashings of fresh ginger


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