National Bike Week

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It’s National Bike Week. So, what does that mean? Well, in my area there are lots of events going on including a cyclists’ breakfast (free coffee, croissants, porridge, juice and fruit, with an optional bike check up), organised rides, art installations and the provision of lots of information about cycling safety, security, route planning etc. At the breakfast I went to in London Fields this morning the London Cycling Campaign were promoting their efforts to make cycling in the capital more appealing – better routes, better cycle parking, cycle training events). I’m sure the FF would approve. At the beginning of Five Get into Trouble ‘ absent-minded Uncle Quentin (father of George) remembers that ‘when he was a boy and had a bicycle, the brakes would never work’:

‘”Oh Uncle Quentin – of course they’re all right,” said Dick. “We’d never dream of going out on our bikes if the brakes and things weren’t in order. The Highway Code is very strict about things like that you know – and so are we!”

Uncle Quentin looked as if he had never even heard of the Highway Code. It was quite likely he hadn’t. He lived in a world of his own, a world of theories and figures and diagrams – and he was eager to get back to it!’.


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