Planning a Famous Five style cycling holiday

June 10, 2009 at 10:06 pm | Posted in Travel | Leave a comment

Mystery to Solve (on cycles)

The Famous Five have generally wholesome travels: low impact (walking; cycling; rowing or sail boat; horse-drawn caravan); supportive of the local economy (tea shops; general stores, especially those that sell ices; farmhouses, village post offices, again, especially ones that sell ices and ginger beer), and lots of outdoor exercise (long cycle rides and walks; rope, ladder and cliff climbing; and at least one outdoor bathe per day, even in October – yikes). They are also appreciative of nature, natural phenomena, and culture. Oh, and of course they solve crimes and make the country a generally better place. Domestically abused women are often helped out by the efforts of the Five, for instance, e.g. Aggie (Five Get into Trouble) and Mrs Janes (Billycock Hill).

With these general precepts in mind (apart from the autumn swims and domestic abuse issues), I’m planning an FF style holiday this summer. There will be some travelling by train but then I will take The Bobbin aka My Bike and explore some of our fine countryside, stay at local farmhouses and B&Bs and learn about nature, monuments and the like. Oh yes.

Step One: Choose a location. This is based partly on ease of getting to (train links and cycle routes), geographical terrain and suitable accommodation. The Bobbin is not too good with hills so Billycock Caves will have to wait for another year.

The current plan is to set off sometime in July or August…


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